The course was user friendly. I would review each quiz, exam and note what I got wrong, wrote it down and studied it for the next time. I did this with questions I guessed on and got correct.

-Dawn A O'Grady

I passed my exam and had only used your program for one day! Thank you so much!


Love your software. Helped me out a ton on my exam.


I took the exam and passed!


The Appraisal Exam Scholar Course was the best choice as a study aid. I was able to do fast exams from my phone, and quickly assess where my progress was at any given point.


Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that as someone with bad test anxiety and a visual person, this study style works! I felt that I had over studied when I went in for my test and was very confident. Thank you!!


It was Exam Scholar I used to help me learn the material to pass the exam by a huge margin.


Hi, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your test materials and exams. I could swear 25% or more questions on the actual exam were exact copy of all test material you provided on your exam, perhaps word by word. I wish I could tell all future applicants about your truly exam scholars!!!


I passed!!! I will recommend this website to any of friends going for their license!


Thank you, I passed my exam earlier this month.


I passed! Thank you so much for your program. I took the test today and even though it WAS difficult, I passed, first time! I am very excited to get started in my new career!


It was all good. Simple, inexpensive, and very clear. I would definitely recommend to others…